Top 3 reasons why investing in people and training pays off

Investing in workplace tech in 2020? Don’t forget to invest in your people too. The latest workplace technology promises to improve productivity and enhance collaboration. But if you don’t invest in training, that tech will be as much use as an expensive chocolate teapot. Today, technical training needs to go beyond PC literacy. It’s not enough that staff can use software efficiently to do their jobs. Of course, that will keep the engine ticking and ensure the wheels don’t fall off your business. Which is OK. But If you want your business to do more than survive and you want to thrive in today’s changing world, you need to empower your teams through digital literacy. Digital literacy gives employees the right knowledge, confidence, awareness - and crucially - the right mindset & behaviours to adopt and embrace the tools available to them. Resulting in a workforce that can utilise a whole range of tech responsibly and effectively to be curious, creative, innovative, solve problems, share information and stay connected. Ensuring your investment works as hard for your business as it possibly can.

#1 Time is money

There’s been a lot of research around the link between employee productivity and digital literacy, and while the exact figures vary the outcomes are the same. Employees spend a huge amount of time searching for and gathering the right information to do their jobs – some stats say as much 9.3 hours per week on average. WHAT? Now we’re not saying all that time is totally wasted...but potentially that’s one whole working day lost per employee per week. A day you’re paying for and getting no return. Just imagine what more they could be doing with that time if they simply knew how to easily find what they needed and share what matters most with their colleagues, using the full capability of the tech at their fingertips. That’s a lot of potential people power going begging.

#2 Employee engagement

‘Recruiting staff is expensive. What if I invest in training and they leave? ’It’s a common argument. And for small businesses with tight budgets, it can be a real pickle. But what if you don’t train them and they stay. What cost to your business then? Investing in training isn’t all about the touchy-feely stuff - it actually makes good business sense. Let’s look at some stats. According to Gallup, companies with high employee engagement were 22% more profitable and 21% more productive. Worryingly, they also report only 14% of employees in New Zealand are engaged in their jobs, 71% aren’t engaged and as many as 15% are actively disengaged. Eek! Engaged employees report feeling invested in, valued and respected, and feel they’re able to contribute to the company’s success. What’s more, they’re less likely to leave (there goes that argument eh) and they’re more likely to speak highly of your business to friends & family – a potential source of revenue. By investing in training, you’re demonstrating to employees that you’re invested in their careers and value them. Plus, you’re giving them the right information and tools they need to be productive and make their mark. It’s a no brainer.

#3 Attract top talent

Top talent likes to work for high performing companies who are on their game. If they get even a whiff that your business is lagging behind in terms of your approach to tech, they’ll take their knowledge and know-how elsewhere. And the fresh-faced Gen Z have grown up with the latest digital devices right in their hands – they expect to be able to stay connected, chat and share information readily and easily and do it from any device, anywhere. If your workplace is still faxing, printing, filing and chaining people to PC’s at their desk 9-5, you’re going to find it hard to attract and hold on to this potential talent pool. Investing in training to leverage your tech and bring your business in line with today’s modern workplaces will give you a big edge over the competition when it comes to recruiting new talent to the team.

In summary, a well trained team can be a key differentiator in today’s ever-changing world. ACE has been unlocking Kiwi potential since 1987. We offer technical training and business know-how that grows people and businesses, providing Kiwis with the knowledge and the skills they need to thrive. Get in touch to discuss your training needs at [email protected]

Posted by Tracey Finch