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InDesign Essential Skills CS6-CC

Length: 2 Days    Cost: $875 + GST    Version: InDesign

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About this Course

This course is designed for anyone needing to go beyond word processing into the world of professional page layout in order to enhance the quality of your work and save you time.

Our aim is to provide you with the necessary skills to use InDesign to produce newsletters, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, magazines, books and other high quality documents. We will introduce many time-saving features using quick keys and short cuts.

InDesign is a page layout or desktop publishing program, used by magazines, publishers, advertising agencies and companies around the world to produce both long and short publications. Although modern word processors allow the use of many traditional publishing features such as multiple column layouts and text wrapping around graphics, it is easier and much more efficient to achieve these and other effects using InDesign’s specialist tools.

It is important that you use your new skills as soon as possible on completion of this training course. We encourage you to take your own notes and to review this Course Guide once you are back at your workplace.


A good working knowledge of the personal computer keyboard and the basic concepts of the Windows environment. You should be very familiar with the use of the mouse.

Previous experience with other Windows programs, such as a word processor or on illustration package.

At Course Completion

This two day hands-on course covers the skills required to produce professional looking newsletters, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, magazines, books and other high quality documents.

The course includes practical ideas and suggestions on layout and exercises, incorporating all the skills learnt.

Please note: if you are on version CC bringing your own creative cloud login is a requirement

Course Outline

  • Creating Publications
  • Navigating the Document Window
  • Using the Drawing tools
  • Customising Shapes
  • Managing Objects
  • Layers
  • Defining Colours
  • Graphics
  • Adding Text
  • Character Formatting
  • Paragraph Formatting
  • Tables
  • Styles
  • Master Pages
  • Templates
  • Understanding File Formats
  • Printing

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