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HTML5 Essential Skills

Length: 2 Days    Cost: $875 + GST    Version: Miscellaneous

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About this Course

This course will teach you how to construct and maintain web pages on an existing web site and how to build your own web site from scratch using HTML the major language of the World Wide Web.


Attendees must thoroughly understand file handling, web browsing software and basic word processing.

Course Outline

Publishing and Publicising your Site

An introduction to HTML background and usage. Internet jargon and background explanation along with ideas about web site design and page design. Use of different the web browsers.

Extensible Hypertext Mark-up Language
What is HTML and its page structured. Understand the structure of the tags. Using a directory structure for improved navigation for pages and files. File saving conventions.

Text Formatting and layout
Using text, paragraph and list tags to build and format the HTML pages.

Images and Horizontal Rule
How to add graphical elements. Incorporating Images and Horizontal Rules. Changing the attributes of images. Adding page colours and backgrounds to pages. Understand web safe colours. Including Image Maps. Files types and sizes.

Understanding links. Adding Anchor tags and linking processes. How to use images as links. Creating links to web pages, emails and files.

Cascading Style Sheets
Use CSS to modify text formatting, graphical elements, page colours and link attributes. Discussing further formatting concepts.

Introducing tables for effective layouts. Creating tables, adding data to rows and columns. Setting widths for tables, borders, cell spacings, cell padding and alignments. Using column and row span commands. Changing cell and table attributes.

Introducing frames and concepts. Creating frames as columns and rows.

Forms overview. Adding text boxes, password boxes, larger text areas, drop down menus, check boxes and radio buttons to the form. Create submit and reset buttons. Discussing CGI Scripts and form hosting.

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