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Excel Optimising

Length: 1    Cost: $375 + GST    Version: Excel

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You will need to have completed our Excel Essential Skills, Excel Timesaving and Excel Data Analysis And Reporting courses and be comfortable with the concepts covered there or have equivalent experience.

At Course Completion

There are two main objectives in this course. The first is to discuss some of the more advanced features of tools and methods covered in the previous Excel courses. The second is to cover the use of the Record Macro functionality in order to automate repetitive tasks. You will need to do this if you want to learn how to use VBA in Excel.

Course Outline

Sharing A Workbook
Workbook.xls is already open. Do you want to open as read only? No.

Selecting the Correct Chart
Which chart is which?

Editing Charts
Now to make it perfect

Understanding Series
Just how does the data get into a chart?

Trendlines and Error Bars
Now I see where this is taking us.

Using Formulae In Conditional Formatting
What if I want only the duplicate items to be highlighted?

Using Formulae In Data Validation
Actually, I dont want duplicate items entered at all.

Using Formulae in Names
So, as I enter more data the Name automatically expands? I can use that for my Chart

Recording Macros
Can I get the machine to put my name into a cell and then format it?

Basic Editing Of Macros
Its not quite right

Using Range Names
So it doesnt matter if you add a new row?

Relative/Absolute Mode
Down two and then left

Recording AutoSum For a Varying Range
Sometimes I want to add ten rows, other times twelve.

Creating Macro Buttons
Click here and it works.

Optimising Workbook Performance
Ive got this workbook and its really slow to do stuff.

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